About Rolling Thunder® Chapter 1 VA

President:                                                             Vice President:
Richard Orndorff                                                Al Funk
540-336-8691                                                        540-671-0667
chevrolet6828@yahoo.com                             crzdevil_30@yahoo.com

Chairman of the Board:                                   Treasurer:        
Bonnie Orndorff                                                 Tammy Barr
540-931-1136                                                       540-409-1732

Secretary/Martinsburg Hospital Liaison
Cyndy Hollender-Stancliff



Officers and Contacts

VA Chapter 1 is located in Winchester, VA.  We are one of the smallest  Chapters of Rolling Thunder ® Inc. out of 90 some Chapters in the United States.  We are small, but mighty.  Last year we raised around 20k and all proceeds go towards our local Veterans and their families.  For example; we helped Veterans and their families pay their past due electric bills and , fallen behind rent.  If they need appliances, wood, or any kind of help, we do our best to help them in every way.  Our Veterans  in need are not all older men and women, some are young with families and their stories are very sad and would touch the hearts of many.

We also have game nights at the VA Medical Center in Martinsburg, WV and provide snacks, drinks, canteen books, and sometimes our Chapter t-shirts.  We also have a huge BBQ in August every year and feed about 200 Veterans.  VA 1 delivers gifts every Christmas Eve to local nursing homes in Winchester, Front Royal, and Berryville.  The last two years we delivered gifts to over 100 Veterans.  We support all United Sates Veterans past and present and do what we can to help them in any way needed.   

We help Rolling Thunder National’s keep the POW/MIA issues alive...No One will be Forgotten and to bring all of our brother and sisters home to their families.

We hold a POW/MIA Recognition Day on the third Saturday in September every year at the memorial that Rolling Thunder VA 1 built at Jim Barnett Park.  Attendance has increased over the past 2 years.  We have teamed up with the National Cemetery of Winchester and  will have different events there to honor our Veterans.  This year we are joining with Wreaths Across America to ensure every grave at the Winchester National Cemetery (the second oldest National Cemetery in the Country) have a wreath placed at every grave.  Last year only 644 graves out of 5500 had a wreath.  Very sad.
This is two fold…we will not only be honoring those Veterans that are buried there and telling them that they are not forgotten, but WAA gives a couple of dollars back to the us to help Veterans and their families that are living.

Although this is not considered a Veteran event, we are the only Organization that is able to go to Winchester Medical Center on Christmas morning and deliver gifts to those children that are stuck in the hospital Christmas day and those that are in the ER at the time we are there.  
We are striving to build a strong reputation with the community so we may continue to support our Veterans as much as possible.  We look forward to working with all and helping out where we are able.

Rolling Thunder® Inc., VA Chapter 1

           Until they all come home…they will not be forgotten!!!